13 interesting facts about nature

We live in a world full of fun facts and ends. The following list will explore some of the most amazing events that occur on our Earth.

1 The oldest tree alive is a tree that is found in California, has 4789 years and is called "Methuselah"

2 The world’s largest tree is a giant sequoia located in California. It is 84 meters high and 29 meters in diameter at the trunk.

3 The fastest growing tree is the eucalyptus, which can reach 10 meters in a year.

4 The desert called Baobab tree can store up to 1000 liters of water in its trunk

5 The White Sea in Russia, has the lowest temperature with only -2 degrees centigrade. The Persian Gulf sea is warmer in the summer reaching a temperature of 35.6 degrees Celsius

6 Between 20 and 30 volcanoes erupt each year, mostly under the sea.

7 A huge underground river runs underneath the Nile River, its flow rate is six times higher than the above.

8 Bosumtwi in Ghana The lake formed in a hollow made ​​by a meteorite.

9 The Amazon River freshwater runs up to 180 km at sea.

10 In 1934, a gust of wind hit the 371 km / h on Mount Washington in New Hampshire, USA

11 A fish of the Antarctic Notothenia species have a blood protein that acts like antifreeze and stops the fish freezing in icy sea.

12 Some of the oldest mountains in the world are in the Highlands of Scotland. It is estimated about 400 million years.

13 The Antarctic ice sheet 3 to 4 kilometers thick, covers 13 million square km and has temperatures of -70 degrees Celsius.

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