Animated pets for your desktop

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I found this funny animated pets for desktops.

They walk and play and you can grabb them.
They’re very funny

(You can continue working at the computer as usual)

I made this video for you to see how they are before adopting one of this cute lovely pets.


Their repertoire is longer, I only recorded them for a few minutes.

In the link of the source you can download another pets, some of them can help you in your desktop, each has its description.

I leave here the links to download the pets in the video, so if you liked these ones you won’t have to look for them.

In the link you’ll see the description of the pet and the download
The descriptions in the link are in spanish, I’ll translate here the ones in the video

quote:a colorful bird hovering around your desktop flail back and forth
The bird: Kingfish

A suicidal cat attempting against himself with dynamite or hammering
The orange cat: Kamikazecat

Little sheep. It’s funny open 10 or 12 little sheeps and see the mess piling in your desktop, while they bleat and collide with each other. The most popullar pet probably
The sheep: Ovejita

Now you can have a dog if you haven’t one already. Let this friendly dog live in your desktop. Promise that you’ll not full him of fleas.
The dog: Puppy

A charming catty that will do the things that cats usually do… take care that he don’t eats the fish.
The black cat: Gato

(ovejitas and kingfish don’t appear in the tasks bar, you can stop them clicking ctrl+alt+supr and finishing the processes ovejitas and kingfish)



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