Returning them are opportunistic or predatory. He exploits people and situations only for his own gain, giving nothing in exchange for everything related to money, property, power/status, and sex. They are careful to avoid responsibility, to make it appear that others (or the system!) are to blame.



They build the social hierarchy through lies, intrigue and enmity. Their leadership is toxic and can cause, in addition to emotional stress, disgust and nausea, irritation and revolt, but more importantly, social harm. If the joke gets complicated, I disappear into the fog. They don't come back as any decent, decent human being with moral, psychological, or material compensations.

In the social sciences, this problem of free-riders has  been discussed for some time. If you have forgotten, they are the ones who make the most of public services and resources, of a community or society (doctors, social assistance, pension (for example, special!), education, sanitation and others), without offering anything in return. avoiding any type of responsibility. In short, it is about parasitic behavior, marking the life called human society. The basic question is how we limit the phenomenon, what measures can be taken.

From this we turn to the science of personality to make the connection (of Leustea). If you can believe it, there is a model, called HEXACO (acronym), in which the H factor appears that accurately measures predatory tendencies. I find it innovative because, unlike the Big Five, the most popular in the field, it brings out this new dimension of personality: the H-factor or humility-honesty. (To understand what I write here, you have to look at the model in the link mentioned in red).

This H has a psychomoral charge. It is a factor that indicates behavioral tendencies  that can be  dangerous due to their effects. When H is small, we have a profile  prone to  cheating and  taking advantage. On the contrary, when H is high (above the median) we have a profile prone to equity and social justice.

What will you understand from this? Having a lowercase H on your profile does not automatically mean that you are  a  predator. However, behavioral tendencies appear in your personality that can be wonderfully expressed in your appropriate setting (such as in politics or on the  business or academic ladder  ?). And if the H is big, it doesn't mean you're a vigilante or a reformer. A profile should be read in conjunction with the particular living environment.

I think it's important to understand some terms first. The first is the  personality factor  . It is an abstract concept, more precisely, a statistical entity. It presupposes a multifactorial analysis on a bunch of responses to items that describe behaviors that I don't know how to tell you clearly (tut mir leid! ;)).

The second is the   behavioral tendency . It means a biological impulse to action, which is not the same as expressing it. For example, a person with oppositional tendencies (lowercase A) may  refrain  from socializing with interests at stake for him. But not in close relationships, where he shows his face, that is, he opposes almost everything. Getting along  with a low A person becomes somewhat difficult as compared to the case with a high A person where they are soft, smooth as velvet. This “  getting along”  (or living together) becomes even more difficult if the profile also has a high O or a high H.

The trends described by personality inventories are obviously   mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns . They appear in many and varied situations and mark the differences between humans (and even other mammals). Its expression is  related to  environmental stimulation and a relative activation threshold (see below).

I feel the need to draw your attention to a  self-righteous bias  . Any personality factor or profile is not in itself good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or neurotic. The attraction that the person with a small H (the cheater) has for luxury goods or power and prestige does not make them bad or wrong. Just as a person with high H (the idealist/justicer) is not  per se  fair or good. It's about the  consequences  of actions, not about how everyone feels.

Any person, regardless of their personality, is influenced by the particular environment in which they find themselves. For example, hostile provocation, say from work, triggers aggressive tendencies, especially in the most angry people, ie with the small A, the A in Angry Birds :)).

To understand more clearly, personality works on the  principle  of the gradient or like the thermostat. It depends on the temperature you have set and how hot/cold it is outside the house. Someone with a low A shoots aggressively  easily  at the slightest provocation (the lower the A, the lower the trigger/sensitivity "threshold"). Whereas someone else with a big A (threshold is high) tolerates more challenges until the mustard pops. Each factor is like a   thermostat setting . And the  facets  of the factors (like  Courtesy  of A) are the fine tunings that contribute to the overall tuning (the factor).

Since we have a  science  of personality, let's make some  predictions. A person with very low H living in a state like Germany, for example, with little corruption and only here and there (not systemic), what are the chances that they can prosper by screwing over and exploiting others more honest? Do you often have fewer occasions? Obviously, in a state with strong institutions and social justice, he will have very few opportunities. So, by force of circumstances, he will act  somewhat more  honestly but still taking advantage of  the locco  . But the damage is more likely to be limited to a local and personal level (Yes, maybe I'm dreaming like an idealist :)).

But if the cheater moves to another country where there is  systemic corruption  , what can be easily predicted? C  increases the probability  of dishonest actions, escalating some social hierarchy to positions of power and from there causing extensive damage, sometimes affecting generations of people. But each with their own life circumstances. He can become the head of a mafia or a chicken coop, head of a party, public administration or executive director. Of course,  even the president! Mankind can (currently) boast a few dictators in which the H is appropriately lowercase.

The lowercase H (you slide it through your fingers) is regulated (not in itself, but in its expression!) not only by a  harsh and honestly  regulated environment, which if it comes from childhood can temper the tendencies of the lowercase H. But also due to other factors, such as small X (introversion) and high E. In fact, the personal equation is complicated. Introversion and high emotionality weigh  down the  actions of a cunning and profitable person. A large E stands for fear of injury, anxiety, or seeking support from others, and a small X for small group orientation and loneliness, thus  local free-riding  .

But the H also has a negative weight, the combination of small H and large X gives us charismatic profiles. They make a strong impression on the retina. You are inspired by confidence, courage and the ease with which he addresses himself. They're lovely, but after spending time with them (and assuming you haven't become a worshiper yourself) you discover they have nothing real to offer, just illusions. This combination gives us cult leaders, gurus, spiritual and religious people, psychotherapists, trainers and trainers, great!, but of course, some politicians too. If their C is high (bringing Spartan discipline, preternatural self-control(!), and delayed gratification in the long run), they are even more likely to rise to high positions of public dignity and exert a noxious influence on generations. For example, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (the president of Turkey) is showing, it seems to me, a high c. He is not transitory with events and does not escape political control. He acts methodically, persistently and cunningly, managing to retain power (arresting all opponents!). It also applies to the eastern bear.

Free-riders  thrive  today unlike in the history of homo sapiens. It thrives because of the different type of social organization today than in the distant past. In a tribe of up to 200 people, everyone knows everyone. When someone takes advantage and gives nothing or very little in return, it's easy to spot. Whats Next? I'll let you imagine.

How does a big H f,  a  straight mind   , feel in an environment that favors facts derived from a very small H,  a cunning mind  Wronged, misunderstood, angry and eventually withdraws emotionally and/or physically, sometimes breaking off the relationship or, conversely, fighting no matter what the cost. This is the case of the reformer (or judicial hero), but it also depends on other personality variables.

Corruption  must  be drastically legislated and sanctioned, and anti-corruption must be present in the national security strategy (in Ro it was, but it is no longer). Oh yes, and education on moral and ethical issues and dilemmas… What burden does someone who claims such a thing have on the H factor?

In my opinion, if the father cannot change the personality of the children, then he has something else to do. Cultivate the moral conscience of children (complicated business!). I would hope an honest (non-psycho) State would help here. Moral and civic education is the only long-term protection against the phenomenon of free-riding.