Cool Facts About "The Big Bang Theory"

The "Big Bang Theory" a series about four intelligent scientists and their beautiful next neighbor airs on CBS. This hit comedy series now in it’s fourth season is still always laugh out loud funny. The young and talented cast includes: Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg. Below are a few personal tidbits and trivia about these interesting actors.

Jim Parsons – plays the neurotic and controlling Sheldon Cooper like the part was written just for him.

1) Was voted friendliest in his High School graduating class in Houston, Texas area.
2) Has a large problem with motion sickness in cars, so he prefers to drive.
3) Many do not know he is gay, and that after he won his Emmy in 2010 he proposed to his long time boyfriend.

Johnny Galecki – roommate of Sheldon Cooper, his character Leonard Hofstadter is adorably insecure.
1) In real life dated his on screen girlfriend Penny (Kaley Cuoco) for two years secretly while they were making the series. As like on the series they are no longer a couple, they recently broke up.
2) He was born in Belgium while his father was serving in the air force, they moved to Chicago when he was three.
3) Him being teased on the show for being short is justified, in real life he is only 5’5" tall.
4) He was only seven years old when he began performing in the Chicago theater.

Kaley Cuoco – her character Penny lives across the hall, and even though she is nothing like them fits in perfectly with their nerdy group.
1) She was a nationally ranked amateur tennis player until she changed over to acting in 2002.
2) She is a vegetarian and her hobbies include kick boxing, horse back riding and playing the drums.
3) Was home schooled on the set because she acted, and earned her high school diploma at the age of sixteen.
4) Has the same birthday as many other celebrities like: Ben Stiller, Billy Idol, Clay Aiken, Elisha Cuthbert and Dick Clark.

Simon Helberg – His portrayal of Howard Wolowitz, the fashion challenged nerd is priceless.
1) He is a professional pianist.
2) Not only is an actor has also done some television writing and producing.
3) He was inspired by the movie "The Karate Kid" to start learning karate, he received his black belt at just ten years old.

Kunal Nayyar – plays their friend Rajesh Koothrappali, somehow he always seems to get the short end of the stick. One of his characters funniest traits are that he cannot speak to women unless he is drinking alcohol.

1) He was born in London, England moved to New Delhi, India when he was five. He did not move to the United States until he was eighteen.
2) Not only does he have a business degree from the University of Portland he also has a masters degree in acting from Temple University.
3) He wrote a play called "Cotton Candy" it was a big hit in New Delhi.


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