How to identify an Aviator Ray-Ban from a fake?

The Ray-Ban Aviator, also known as pilot or aviator style, is the first model of the brand and its most known model. It’s great success, being one of the best selling models and name brand, has led to the growth of many fakes, imitations and replicas.

There are many replicas sold at online auctions and forums, passing them off as originals. A big scam if you aks me.

That’s why we decided to create a guide to help you guys identify the replicas:

1. Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb and Luxottica:

In 1999, the Italian group Luxottica bought Bausch & Lomb. Since then, Ray-Ban is no longer manufactured in the USA, but in Italy (except a few models that are made in China, such as Ray-Ban Jr). If any part of the sunglasses, or anywhere else in the kit contains the inscription "Bausch & Lomb" or "B & L" then you can be sure you’re holding a replica in your hands, unless it was manufactured before 1999. But then, would you be willing to buy such and old pair of lenses?

2. Carved Bridge:

All sunglasses made ​​by Luxottica (1999 onwards) have carved the word RAY-BAN followed by the width of the lens and the length of the bridge in millimeters, on the inside. Example: RAY-BAN 55 □ 14.

Replica is carved on the top of the bridge, seen from above

Ray Bans are engraved below the over-bridge



If you look closer, you’ll notice it’s not carved but painted/written instead.
It appears on the top side of the bridge (not the bottom)
There’s no lens measure whatsoever.
B&L never manufacture these in Italy, but in the States

Here are more images

Can’t read RB on the lenses in the Fake version



3. Lens’ Arms

Genuine RayBans have following information:

(on the left ear "leg&quot

Model No. (ie RB 3025)

Model’s description (eg, AVIATOR LARGE METAL)

Submodel No. (eg W3234)

Lenses width and Bridge’s lenght [should match with the Bridge’s engraving (eg, 55 □ 14)]

Lens type code (eg, 3N)

Example: RB 3025 AVIATOR LARGE METAL W3234 55 □ 14 3N


4. "RB" Lenses Mark (Left lens seen from behind)

This is authentic laser engraving, so if you look in detail the outline is somewhat irregular. In contrast, in the replies it seems soft and watermark-like.



5. Label (should be sticked on left lens)

Any model that has a label with the Ray-Ban logo on gray background, where it says "100% UV PROTECTION" are replicas. Only when polarized, the label will read "POLARIZED" and NOT "100% UV PROTECTION" or "Ray-Ban Polarized."


Furthermore, in the case of Aviator G-15 it will have a sticker black with a goldish background.


6. the box

All authentic Ray-Ban come in a box that has attached a sticker indicating 1. model eg "RB3025" the 2. submodel eg "W3234", followed by the 3. lens type code (eg 3N) and 4. Lenses’ width in millimeters (eg 55). This should match the information recorded on the bridge and arms painted.


7. "THE ICONS" booklet

All RB3025 aviator currently comes with a copy of this ICONS booklet. If it doesn’t, you can be sure it’s a replica.


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