My experience at Deep Web and How to Enter

What is DW?

Internet is known as deep or Internet invisible (in English: Deepnet, Invisible Web, Hidden Web or Dark Web) to all Internet content that is not part of the Internet Superficial, ie the pages indexed by engine spiders Internet search. This is due to the limitations of spiders to access all the websites for different reasons.


The main cause of the existence of the Internet Deep is the inability of search engines to find or index 100% of existing information on the Internet. If search engines could access all the information then the "deep web" disappear, but this is impossible because there will always be private pages. The following are some of the reasons why search engines are unable to index the Deep Web:
> Password protected pages
> Databases and university libraries
> Non-indexable documents formats (eg PDF, Word)
> Encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals in which to access the information needs to interrogate the database (eg RAE)


In 2000 it was estimated that the size of the Internet was of 7,500 Deep terabytes of data on some 550,000 million documents. For comparison it is estimated that at that time occupied the Surface 167 Terabytes Internet and content of the Library of Congress had around 3,000 Terabytes that were not accessible by search engines.
Estimates based on extrapolation from a study by the University of California at Berkeley currently speculated that the Internet should be about 91,000 Deep TeraBytes.

My Experience

The truth, which exceeded my expectations. Will have been about 3 hours and the only thing that is easy to find in the DW is child pornography, necrozoofilia, drug dealers, killers. Thanks to the info I read before going with a little common sense could avoid such link, but other than that I saw nothing that is not seen. Manuals for making explosives found and that I have it for years. Hacking Manuals / Prheaking with information that I’ve seen, and many ebook in Spanish that are easy to find without using DW. Notice that just walked in the pages in Spanish. The only place I saw it would be interesting to enter is Forocoches but only you can register if you’re invited. There is also a 4chan in sector, but from what I saw on a hidden page on the wiki, that 4chan is full of pedophilia. Despite not flying much, all that "classified information" and "TopSecret" who say that there did not see.
In conclusion, the DW used by a single, simple reason: As we go through proxy gives you a level of anonymity that the web gives you non-normal, leading to the illegal practices abound DW degrading leave you as a bad man and may lead you to prison if he did them in the normal web.

How to enter?

First of all, some advice
> Just in case, do not download anything, unless you are sure it is
> If you see links that say cp (child porn), pedo bear, hc (hard candy) Do not go, is child pornography
> Drugs and dealers are links to drug sellers and buyers
> Do not give your e-mail. if you go to register something or asked him to give you info, create an account for use only in DW

Entering the Tor Project website

Click on Download Tor

Decompress the file. Enter the folder and execute the file "Start Tor Browser"

We will open the Vidalia Control Panel.

And when it finished loading will open Mozilla Firefox

Some pages i visited:

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